Community Based Services


Description of Individual Support Plan (ISP):
Every year, each person’s ISPs are reviewed by the team. The team consist of the individual, day program staff, residential staff (if applicable), family members, Support Coordinator/Case Manager, and others that help to support the individual. The meetings are led by the Program Specialist on site or at the residential site.

The Individual Support Plan is designed to include the individual’s input as a priority, the teams’ input on the individual’s likes, dislikes, needs, wants, and choices which is articulated into outcomes. Input is also needed on what is important to know for supporting the individual. 


Procedures for the meetings are as follows:

  1. Reports from the Community Habilitation and residential representatives.
  2. Discussions on specific sections of the ISP and the development of new outcomes for the next year.
  3. Any concerns may be brought up at these meetings.
  4. Attendees sign a roster stating that they approve of the changes to the ISP.

Invitations are mailed out 30 days prior to the Planning and Annual meetings via the individual’s Supports Coordinator (or Program Specialist for those receiving Social Rehabilitation services)