Life Sharing with a Family Member

What is Life Sharing with a Family Member?

This is an unlicensed service where individuals can choose to stay home with their families with the exception of cousins (they fall under Life Sharing licensed program) and have their family members provide an environment that is person centered and positive for the individual. The family member must meet the requirements as a family member Life Sharing Provider.



Interested in Life Sharing? Let’s talk about what your responsibilities would be on an everyday basis.

  • Providing Hygiene
  • Providing Food
  • Daily engagement/relationship building
  • Medical appointments and medical management
  • Community activities
  • Monitoring all activity

Life Sharing enhances and enriches the lives of individuals by offering another residential living option.
The relationships that are formed are an important part of developing life skills and self esteem,
and the individuals increase their skills in daily activities when engaging in a typical family life.


Will I have help?

Life Sharing coordinators provide assistance with problem solving, resources, and respite for the host family.
Program specialists come in monthly to the home to help complete the mandatory paperwork.
There are also regional Life Sharing coalitions, provider agencies, and county MH/MR programs available
individuals are all 18 years of age or older with a variety of needs and challenges.